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Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

First Impressions of Trójmiasto

I am so so sorry, I haven't been very loyal to you and let you wait so long for a next post. But let me explain the reason: as you know I am always on the way, because of work, because of travelling or because I just visit friends. This is the first point why I haven`t write to you earlier. The other reason is a further training of online marketing what I am doing apart from my usual work. This all together lead to a travel-enthusiastic-me who would love to tell more stories but don`t has time for it.But I will try to change, I promise!

This is me at the molo of Sopot.
Me at the Molo of Sopot, my favorite spot

The purpose of my blog is to encourage you to just spend some nice days somewhere else and to help you find the best places, flights or hotels. Currently I am working on a move from Blogger to WordPress. This is another reason why I haven`t posted new stories. Hopefully you can forgive me.

Trójmiasto - the nicest polish spot for summer vacation

Now I would like to tell some words about my last travel destination which was Trójmiasto/Tricity, Poland. The one or the other who follows me through Instagram or Twitter saw already some nice pictures from this beautiful region. Trójmiasto is more an economic region than a city, because with Trójmiasto are meant Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. These cities are close to each other. You should explore all three, because each has its own vibe and beauty.

It is my second time that I visited Tricity. First time I did my ERASMUS semester there and lived in Sopot which is located at the Baltic sea. This city is known for holidays, relaxation and as health resort. In some next posts I will give you tips what to see in Sopot, Gdynia and Gdansk. For today I would like to introduce the citiesand  how they look during summer.


Gdansk is probably the best known city of all three, especially because it has a long German history. In World War 2 the Germans came over Westerplatte to Gdansk and fought back the brave polish army. Today Gdansk is known for trade, amber and shipyards. In the old town you find stands where people sell amber. I really enjoy walking up the na dluga street (long street) which connects the two big gates in Gdansk. At the river you see the amazing port crane which links to history of Hanse trade. If you go up the European Solidarity Centre, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the shipyards.

Old port crane of Gdansk

The long street of Gdansk

Shipyards in Gdansk


My loveliest city of Tricity is Sopot. It is full of people being in holiday-mood. The beach is near, you find nice restaurants, bars, it is clean and you can choose between a lot of clubs for party. I enjoyed it during my ERASMUS and I enjoyed it as person to take a break and relax. The symbol of Sopot is the Molo, the longest wooden pier in Europe (650m). Another symbol for Sopot is the crooked house. Every tourist stops, wonders and takes a picture. It is funny to watch. Sopot became a "bathing beach" already in 1823.

Molo of Sopot during sunset

This is the square in front of the molo


For me Gdynia is the harbor city of Trójmiasto. It was always a strategical port for many armies whether Polish, German or Russian.You might remember that the famous ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" was stationed in Gdynia and started the last trip from this harbor before being bombed. 9000 people died by the way. No more words to add...
Today you still see bigger trade ships off or onload their freight. At the harbor you also find many sculptures like the one with a harbor porpoise. It is a symbol to let them live, as just some individuals live in the baltic sea anymore. I support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and from my point of view it is a good sign to stop people or economy to eventually kill these cute little whales of the Baltic sea by just taking their space or food.

This is the harbor porpoise sculpture
Save the harbor porpoises!

A sculpure on the sea in Gdynia

I hope I was able to share some first impressions for you of the region Trójmiasto. In a next post you can read about some specific tips what to do in Sopot, Gdansk and Gdynia.

So far, enjoy maybe some other posts of my blog and stay tuned. There are some amazing things going on - secrets, but soon I will tell you more about it.