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Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

LA Venice Beach - the scenery

Venice Beach is famous because of a lot of films and series that are taking place in Los Angeles. For me it is a bit of a symbol for the californian lifestyle that the whole world have in mind when they think about California. It is a special part of LA, not just because it is located at the beach of the Pacific Ocean. You barely see business people there. You rather find every class of society, e.g. College kids, skaters, dancers, rock oriented people, Hippies or average people (who don´t earn a million or more in a year). It seems that in Venice it is okay to be as you want to be.
When you walk over the promenade you find different shops for food, clothes, tourist stuff, stands with jewelry and even the Green Doctors.

A bit away from the beach you learn where the name "Venice Beach" comes from. There are little vacation or weekend houses and there are little creeks between the houses. If you want to go from house to house you need a bridge. And those little bridges in Venice Beach are all colored in white which make the whole spot wonderful. This site of Venice Beach invites you to dream.

Have you made other experiences in Venice Beach?

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