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Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Beautiful Poland - Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia

I came to Poland as ERASMUS student because I had to study a semester abroad. Actually I haven´t known much about this country and I haven´t been there before. So for me it was another big adventure after my stay in Los Angeles or the little trip to Romania. It was winter semester and maybe you can imagine how cold it was. But in the beginning in September and October we had a nice warm autumn. So I will start posting about Poland with Tricity which contains Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.

I lived in Sopot which is located at the Baltic Sea. I loved it so much to be there to walk over the pier (Molo), listen to the waves and enjoy the sun. The Molo of Sopot is the longest wooden one in Europe. (Correct me if it is even the world)

Gdansk is another part of Tricity and not far away from Sopot, you just take a train and you can go to the Old Town. As I already said in the post about Sibiu the old towns in the east of Europe are totally beautiful. What you should also now about polish cities is the amount of churches they have. In Poland live more Catholics than Protestants. In the Catholic confession it is usual that churches look magnificent with golden ornamentation on the walls and that they have pictures and sculptures in churches. I love being in those churches. The biggest one in Gdansk has a big tower which you can go upstairs to see Gdansk from above. If it is not cloudy you also have a wonderful view over the city to the sea.

Neptun fountain

The third part of Tricity is Gdynia. To be honest, I´ve just been to Gdynia Orlowo where the cliffs are. I haven´t really been to the city. But the cliffs were just amazing. I experienced a nice warm autumn day there with a big group of my Erasmus friends. The sun was shining and the leaves where coloured. I don´t want to say anything more, just refer to the pictures.

Cliffs of Orlowo

People say about Tricity: "You live in Gdynia, you work ín Gdansk and you party in Sopot."
Yes, it es true. Come to Sopot to enjoy some wild nights in clubs or enjoy the nice lounges near to the sea.

I hope I was able to show you my love of Tricity which was my home for nearly half a year. I wish to be there again in summer, because Sopot is the number one summer resort of polish people for domestic vacations.

Hope you come back.