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Montag, 26. Mai 2014

LA Hollywood - starting the series

I was thinking about how to start with posts about Los Angeles, my favorite city. Then I came to the conclusion: What about writing a series about it with different parts? So here is the first part: Hollywood

What is the first thing about Los Angeles which you have in mind?
Yes, the Hollywood Sign! Then let´s start the journey in Hollywood:

Up the hills in Hollywood there is the well known sign that stands for movies, film people, sunny California and celebrities. It takes you about an hour to follow the trial to stand where Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis where in "Friends with Benefits". I would rather recommend to stop where the houses end. There is a nice place where you can take the best pictures of the Hollywood sign. As you can see in the picture above.

Furthermore, everybody is curious about the Hollywood Boulevard. But also in "Pretty Woman" you can see that at night there are different people.Some tourists are frustrated after they have seen that the Hollywood Boulevard is not what they expected it is. They probably expect celebrities there or red carpets or just Hollywood drama.

Of course, celebrities won´t go to a tourist place where they couldn´t do a step without hundreds people around them asking for photos or signatures. They live in Beverly Hills or Bel Air in big,big houses with a big fence around it.
Therefore the Hollywood Boulevard isn´t a pretty location. But you can see all of the 2000 stars on the ground which lead you to walk a lot. Located at the Hollywood Boulevard, there are also a lot of tourist shops and some restaurants. You also find people who are dressed up as Batman, Jack Sparrow or another hero of movies. You pay them a tip to be allowed to take pictures.

Well, right now you are probably not impressed. But Hollywood also has the real nice sites. You just drive to the Sunset Strip. There you´ll find a lot of nice bars, lounges and restaurant and also shops.
one of those bars at Sunset Strip

I have been to a one of those bars which has no roof so that you can see the city beneath you. Unfortunately neighbors where frustrated because of the loud music. So the owner of the bar had to build a wall, luckily with big windows. It was just amazing to be there, drinking some cocktails, listen to really good music and observe fashion hipsters or music influenced people.
Hollywood is also known for the clubs.You see, the nightlife in the right locations can lead to an amazing night in Hollywood and when you are lucky you find the one or another celebrity in those bars or restaurants around Sunset Strip. I saw Little Romeo in a Hip Hop club somewhere in Hollywood, don´t ask me where it was. :D

Griffith Observatory

Another nice spot in the hills is the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park. From there you have an amazing view of Los Angeles. If there is no June Gloom you can even see the ocean which is totally beautiful. Right now I´m wallow in memories....

So, what do you think about my first Los Angeles travel report? Did I destroy any illusions? ;)

Take care and see you next time.