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Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

LA Downtown - why this district is not a typical "city center"

Everybody sees "Downtown" as the center of a city. I don´t really see this in Los Angeles, because LA doesn´t really have a city center. Moreover, there are several districts which stand for themselves, like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach or Downtown.
"Downtown" for me is simply a word for skyscraper or really tall houses of companies, banks or offices. Like you see in the picture above. LA provides the tallest building west of the Mississippi river.

LA Downtown was the first place where houses were built to construct a little town. You can find sources of those in a little part of Downtown. Unfortunately I haven´t been there. But a friend drove me to a street where you can find houses built out of wood - a sign for the age of the city.

However, when I was in Downtown LA I visited sports games in the Staples Center. The part around it is called LA Live, because there are also enormous screens on which ESN shows sports game when they were away. Attending those games like basketball is amazing, the stadium is so huge and tall. I had tickets of the third level where you really sit near to the roof, but you still have a fantastic view.

Another impressive part of Downtown is the Walt Disney Music Hall, it has an amazing shape which is special all over the world and perfect for orchestra. This is because it was built the way it is.
What do you think folk, isn´t that amazing architecture? Too bad I didn´t listen to music that took place there... So I would recommend you to book tickets for a show!

Downtown is also nice for going out at night. Of course you think in LA there are thousands of nice places. But please check roof-top bars. Most of the time they belong to hotels. When I had friends in LA who visited me I went with them to one of those bars and it was amazing. They provided a little Biergarten like you find it in Germany and there was a big pool. On this side of the bar we were also able to watch a short film at the wall of another building. That was curious but amazing.

I´d wish to be back in LA and enjoy those nights which I had in Downtown.

Hope you liked this post and that you are coming back.