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Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Beverly Hills - Let´s go to the mall

Okay, which part of Los Angeles will be next?
Imagine, you are rich, pretty and don`t care about anything AND you are a girl...
Of course you would go shopping at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. So let´s start a little shopping trip.

You will find Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci, Luis Vuitton or Hugo Boss. One big brand is next to another. What I experienced was the amount of Asians and russian speaking people there. As a tourist with an "average" budget you can visit all the shops as well but sales people see directly that you are not able to buy anything. It was fun to see what kind of people are walking around Rodeo Drive. Anyway it is simply not my league. haha

I rather enjoyed taking pictures at the Beverly Hills sign. That was funny! Palms around you, sun and blue sky can lead to very nice pictures. Also people who live in LA love this sign especially for wedding pictures.

Let´s go on with our shopping trip. "Normal people" go for shopping at Beverly Center or Beverly Connection. I would totally recommend Beverly Connection, because of Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. In those both shops you can find famous brands for less money. You just need a lot of time to go through everything.

I also enjoyed The Grove a lot. That mall is located in Beverly Hills/Wilshire and I loved it. It is like a mall but without a roof. Actually it is rather a village than a mall. You can find shops like Abercombie & Fitch, Zara or others. It is also nice decorated with a fountain. And if you are hungry after so much shopping you can go to "the Cheese Cake Factory". I´m not a big fan of those cakes, but I heard the choice of the menu is amazing and that it is very delicious. All in all I think The Grove is very american and something that tourist expect: A happy world with happy people being nice to everybody. Don´t take me to serious here, I like The Grove a lot but it´s something that tourists would call "totally american". For me, who had LA as home for 4 month you see different spots in different ways. What I mean is that people I got to know helped me to see beyond the front!

Have you heard about Famer´s Market? I loved it so much, but unfortunately I haven´t been there very often. It is a huge market where you can do grocery shopping at stands. You can get vegetables, meat and other nice stuff. There are also a lot of cooking stands with dishes from hundreds of countries. So you can easily eat food from the whole world :D The prices are pretty okay and the food is very tasty. I really see it as a must for tourists. Food was a big thing for me in LA, I haven´t eaten so much different food than there.

In guidebooks you find the Miracle Mile as an area which is recommendable. To be honest, it isn´t special. The guidebooks says that there are some nice and old houses, but you barely see them at Wilshire Boulevard. I worked in an office house at the Miracle Mile and for me it wasn´t something special. There are a lot of offices and because of that you find many restaurants. But as I said, the food was special to me. So I always enjoyed to go for lunch because we had many choices of different countries or we just had something fast from Subway, Starbucks or Chapotle. So yes, the restaurants would be something that I can recommend. Especially the burger restaurant The Counter is a must. You get a questionnaire about how you want to have your burger and than you just hand it to the waiter. It´s amazing!

Well, I liked Beverly Hills and the part Wilshire a lot. Those both parts are located near to each other so I couldn´t really see a big difference.

I always imagined how it would be to live in Beverly Hills. The streets have palms on each sides, the houses look very cosy, with little trees, flowers or lawn in the front. Actually they don´t really look that big as you probably imagine right now. Therefore you can assume that the backyards are very pretty. From some streets you can see the big hills. It is a nice and save area and somehow quiet and cosy - just lovable!

I hope I was able to show you how much I loved my favorite shopping site of LA and where to live if you visit this amazing city for a while.
As always feel free to comment ;)

Hope to see you next time.